A dream. Or perhaps a nightmare.

A land stands still; a lifeless mirror of the Sword Coast. A deafening roar heralds a swathe of purple that taints the western sky, quickly invading and conquering most of the realm above. You almost miss the black staining that has slowly corrupted the eastern sky – highlighted and decorated with red swirls. When the two walls of colour meet, the sky explodes in a multitude of colours and elements and death.

A lone star shines to the north, growing rapidly. Within minutes, the method of the star’s growth is revealed – it is falling. The ground shatters and rumbles as the star collides with the surface of Faerûn. From the crater spouts fire and blood, which quickly spreads across the land around the now dead star. The star shatters, revealing a hole, a large hand, and a flaming sword.

As the battle in the sky continues, more stars slowly seem to grow and fall. The land of Faerûn, assaulted on so many fronts, begins to rupture and shatter…

Active Characters:

Auron – Thief/Magic-User of ?.
Calani Morkann – Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User of Erlkazar.
Ávaldi – Ranger of ?
Pip – Cleric/Fighter of ?.
Jaya “Satchel” Aeron – Bard of ?
Uriel – Fighter/Magic-User of the North.
Quitris – Druid of ???.

The current in-game date is the 26th of Kythorn, 1357 Dale Reckoning – Year of the Prince – Age of Humanity.