The Troubled, and the Secret Hoard

Session 1: Adventurers Assemble

The party begins...

3rd of Ches, 1357 Dale Reckoning

For their own reasons, the various members of the party make their own ways to the city of Baldur’s Gate, travelling down from the north. The only exception to this being Cael, as a resident of the city. The roads were mostly clear and peaceful, apart from the odd traveller, and except for Riza, Irerly and Marlath, uneventful.

Cael had recently been spending his time aiding the Flaming Fist mercenaries in policing the city, due to most of the company having left along with a considerable part of the standing army to aid in the siege of Dragonspear Castle to the north. Crime has risen as of late due to the Flaming Fist being stretched incredibly thin, but today, all seems rather peaceful.

Tristan and Kaylee Eltorchul arrive during the mid-morning; Tristan having suffered a brief pause of discomfort as soon as he saw the city on the horizon. Their relationship seemed strained at best, and the young Magic-User left her Paladin cousin as soon as she possibly could. Tristan paid a visit to the Temple of Oghma to learn the residence that the Eltorchul family had arranged for the two, and ran into Cael on his way out.

Riza, Irerly and Marlath arrived a little later that Tristan, having come across the odd sight of gear strewn across one of the roads, but no bodies. There were patches of blood around, and Riza had noticed that one of the footprints appeared skeletal in nature. There was drag marks on the floor, where it looked like a body had been dragged off to the east. Agreeing that there was little they could do at that moment, they travelled straight to the city, where Marlath started leading them to where he believed the house he had bought, near the Splurging Sturgeon, to be. As things would happen, he got lost.

The last to arrive was Calani, who struggled into the city feeling the pains of bruising and stabbing all over the body, and then disappearing all of a sudden. Her immediate plan was to head to the Shrine of Ilmater.

As the various characters made their ways through the city, Cael, and then Tristan shortly afterwards, started to notice an argument brewing near the High Hall of Wonders. A group of three people manning a stall were surrounded by eight thugs, one of which (dressed a little better than the rest) was demanding protection money. As they approached, the argument descended into a one-sided brawl, with the stall members being beaten by the eight viciously.

Cael and Tristan descended from the north, shields readied, and bashed a path straight into the centre of the brawl. Calani, having noticed the brawl from the street above, ran straight down following the Paladin and the Cavalier, reached to the most wounded stall member, and pulled them out of the fight. From a distance, Riza and Irerly watched on, eventually joining in as the thugs (ineffectually) turned on the others.

Most of the rogues, as they were injured, retreated from the fight. As the battle went on, the leader sounded a retreat, and the group scampered. One member, having been injured by a dagger wound, was first fooled by an illusion, and then commanded to stop (which he followed), before being knocked out by Tristan. The ringleader was thrown to the ground by combined fire from the group, but stabbed Calani deep as she attempted to examine his wounds. He was immediately knocked out following this.

Passing the bodies off to a couple of Flaming Fist who arrived on scene, the group split into two, dealing with menial tasks and information gathering. Kaylee remained behind in the Eltorchul residence, and Marlath was finally directed to his house. The party met up back together at the Black Dragon Gate, and went to investigate the mystery of the gear on the road.

With Riza leading the party via tracks that went off the road, the party arrived at a cave entrance in the side of a steep hill. Descending inside they discovered Dwarven masonry, which led to a small mine. Battling various undead creatures which resided there, the group discovered runes which indicated to a path into the Underdark, and another which led to a study. Heading down that path they encountered a Skeletal Tomb Guardian, and battled this dangerous foe. Tristan and Calani were knocked unconscious and started to bleed, being swiftly patched up by Irerly as Cael and Riza dispatched the skeleton.

4th of Ches

As they rested in the Mess Hall to recuperate from the battle, a person seemed to try and open one of the barricaded doors, voicing his confusion. Cael questioned who was there, at which point it went completely silent. Cael returned to rest, while Irerly and Riza decided to search for a more defensible position.

The pair battled some skeletons in a chapel, and recovered a scroll of some kind. With the chapel being easier to defend, they moved the rest of the group into there, and rested until Tristan woke up. With Calani still unconscious even after Tristan’s Lay on Hands, they left to recover in the safety of Baldur’s Gate, taking with them their hard-earned spoils up until that point.

The party spent a week in the city itself, arranging the creation of new gear, establishing contacts and plans for the weeks ahead. Riza relayed that she had been sent to investigate rumours of activity by the Cult of the Dragon in the Troll Hills to the north, whereas Tristan informed the group of his mission from Torm: to collect the shattered pieces of Duty’s Bond – Torm’s favoured weapon. The group decided they would head south to Beregost, a village about a couple of weeks’ travel away, where an ancient school of magic had been uncovered, and where Tristan has been tipped to start his search. Spending time acquiring gear, the party eventually set off, Kaylee and four retainers in tow, to seek out Beregost and it’s magic school…

Date of setting off: 11th of Ches


Cael Silvershield – 1586
Tristan Eltorchul – 1186
Riza Hawkeye – 1274
Irerly – 1156
Calani Morkann – C 399 / F 399 / MU 358


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