The Troubled, and the Secret Hoard

Session 11: Undermountain - Part 2

"Just a little pin prick, there'll be no more AAAAAAAAAH!"

4th of Mirtul, 1357 DR – Era of Humanity

Having found their way to the next floor up of Undermountain, the party set out seeking an exit from the endless halls. Heading off from the stairs, they immediately found out that escape from this floor wasn’t going to be so easy – as Brute fell 30’ into a spiked pit at the second door they came across.

Doing battle with a nest of Fire Beetles, the party managed to harvest two sacs of luminescent fluid – a light source for now, and minor profit for later. With that, they continued on, breaking down door and portcullis alike. They narrowly edged around some more of the mushrooms they had encountered earlier, before running into a small patrol of Troglodytes – stunned by Brute’s incredible strength as she ripped the portcullis apart just to enter the room.

The Troglodytes, loathe to be near humans, would only deal with the Half-Orc (and only after she revealed her true nature underneath her disguise), and later the Half-Elf (again, after revealing her non-human status). In exchange for helping the sticking reptiles on their way, the Troglodytes mentioned that they disliked heading to the North, as that headed towards light. The party continued on after the reptiles had passed, encountering a pack of Giant Rats, and easily dispatching all but two.

In time, they came across a torture room, and an altar to the god of murder, Bhaal. Cael, attempting to open yet another portcullis, accidentally found himself on the wrong end of a poisoned needle, which almost took him to the end of his life. Those that sought the aid of their gods only found response from the Lord of Death, who mocked them with Cael’s inevitable death. Tristan sought to deal with the altar, only to be blasted back by the altar’s dark power. As things got grim, the work of the poison seemed to finally subside, but it had certainly taken it’s toll on the Cavalier.

Weaving through some more rooms, and discovering some fine treasure, the party eventually arrived in a small room, which was easily defendable. Having gone for quite a while, and with little to eat (except for a pile of dead Giant Rats that Brute was keeping hold of for a meal), rest was needed. Perhaps with some time to recover, they might hopefully find their way out soon…

Time Elapsed exploring the dungeon (post-rest): 13 Hours 51 Minutes


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