The Troubled, and the Secret Hoard

Session 4: Reprieve

Rest and Planning

23rd of Ches, 1357 DR

After around five or so hours, Irerly regains consciousness, finding himself in a bed instead of a sack, and surrounded by both companions, and Brute. Cael, Riza and Calani are awoken by this, and briefly converse with the Illusionist, glad to see him awake. Riza and Irerly discuss Brute’s reasoning for his capture – that his family want him returned – and find it strange that a) Riza’s family would opt to do such a thing and b) Riza’s family could afford to do such a thing. With Marlath residing within Baldur’s Gate, Irerly reasoned that the only people who could be hunting for him would be his true family, though could not understand why they would be searching for him.

Calani sought a quick chat with one of the Clerics, to ask for consideration of formal completion of her first Suffering, while Cael headed off back to the Silvershield estate. and Brute, contemplating sleeping in the stables, decided in the end to seek out an inn to stay in, and as such sought out the dodgiest inn she could find – the Blushing Mermaid. After explaining a little about what she had accomplished (travelling to and remaining in Icewind Dale over winter, bare foot, along with the various activities she has partaken in with the group, and the argument that the group’s actions seem to be for the good of all), the priest quickly agreed, and offered to immediately sort that out for her. Calani’s first response after that was to immediately purchase a good set of boots.

Irerly returned home to Marlath’s Mystical Emporiumâ„¢, accompanied by Calani.

24th of Ches, 1357 DR

Morning rose, and soon the party set about their different tasks. Riza headed off to the Temple of Oghma in the city, to seek out information on the Troll Hills. Tristan spoke with his cousin, trying to convince her to accompany them to the Troll Hills. With a much more reasonable response than before, she argued that she wouldn’t approach there, out of fear. However, she did offer him a ring that usually lay upon one of her fingers, telling him that it would be useful upon the finger of another Magic-User, and that she wanted it back afterwards.

Cael travelled over to the headquarters of the Flaming Fist, finalizing information about an arrangement he had made for Brute to work for the law enforcement order, and also to request an order of summons be made for the rest of the party. With acknowledgement, one of the members of the Fist were sent to seek out their new employee.

Brute, after raiding the pockets of a few of the patrons at the Blushing Mermaid, was quickly found as soon as she left the inn. The Fist member handed over the order of summons, along with a small bag of pay, and left. She worked her way around the city, finding Calani and Irerly, and sending them off to the Silvershield Estate. When looking for Tristan, she discovered he had apparently already left for the estate. With no indication of where to find Riza (as she was not with Irerly), Brute eventually started looking around the various places in the city, finding her in the Temple of Oghma, and passing the information of the summons on.

On her way to the estate, Calani popped into a shop known as Sorcerous Sundries, looking to purchase some scrolls for the trip. However, the prices seemed well out of her way.

Brute received a message from the Flaming Fist, and asked Riza to go with her there. On arrival, the group of Brute, Riza and Irerly met Jarel, one of the Sergeants of the Flaming Fist, who wanted to have a word with her about the sighting in the Troll Hills based on information given by Cael. They had a swift discussion behind closed doors, and then the group set off to the Silvershield estate.

Reunited around midday, the party came together to discuss their plans. Two situations had currently presented themselves – Riza’s task of looking into alleged activity by the Cult of the Dragon in the Troll Hills, and Irerly’s family in Neverwinter, whom had apparently hired a lot more than just Brute to seek him out. It was agreed that their first task would be to travel to the Troll Hills, with the argument that it was on the way to Neverwinter anyway. Calani looked into the subject of purchasing a horse, which was immediately taken up by one of the estate’s butlers. Pushing the hard sale, and adding to the amount Cael now owed the household (after a message from the house accountant), Calani was sold the warhorse “Hope”.

With information shared, and planning complete, the group went to gather supplies to the week’s travel coming up soon, as they looked to set off within the next few hours…

Cael Silvershield – 4006
Tristan Eltorchul – 3456
Riza Hawkeye – 3716
Irerly – 3202
Calani Morkann – C 1102 / F 1102 / MU 998
“Brute” – F 1713 / A 1560


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