Korkiri "Brute" Brutar, Chosen of Tempus

An half-orc mercenary covered in scars


Korkiri is a fairly hulking half-orc. Scars can be seen all over her face and arms, most appear ritualistic, but those familiar with brands will be able to see she has a slave brand covering the right side of her face. Once upon a time her features could have been reminiscent of human nobility but several years of punishment has has taken its toll and all traces of beauty have disappeared. She is dressed in light leathers with an old worn dagger strapped to her legs. A large two handed sword can be seen on her back and her hands are wrapped in bandages.

​She is a mercenary, previously employed by a member of Irerly’s family to take him back to Neverwinter. She is currently employed by the Flaming Fist.

Died at the claws of a Blue Dragon north of Neverwinter and was quickly resurrected at the hands of clerics of Ogham, courtesy of Calani.

Class Assassin Fighter
Level Level 6 Level 6
Level Title Killer Myrmidon
XP 44000 48400
XP to next level 64000 58000
10% XP Bonus? N Y

Religion: Tempus
Half-Orc – F – Chaotic Neutral
Languages: Common, Chaotic Neutral, Orcish

Ability Scores:

STR 21 Hit Mod +4 Dmg Mod +9 Wt All. 600 lbs. OpDr 9-10 (4) BendB 70%
INT 13
WIS 8 MntSav +0
DEX 18 ReactAdj +3 MsleMod +3 ACAdj -4
CON 20 HPAdj +2 (5, no 1’s) SystmShck 100% Res 100% MaxNoRes. 1/19
CHA 5 MaxNoHM. 1 LoyalAdj -25% ReactAdj -20%
HD (6d10+6d6+45)/2 HP 64
AC 3 Shieldless AC 3 Rear AC 9
Movement Rate 240’
THAC0 14

Weapon Proficiencies: Two-Handed Sword, Dagger
Weapon Specialization Dagger (Double Specialized)
Two-Handed Sword
Non-Proficiency Penalty: -2

Weapon Space Required Speed Factor Total To Hit Bonus Damage (S-M) Damage (L) No. of Attacks Range
Unarmed Attack - - +3 10 10 1 M
+2 Dagger 1’ 2 +8 1d4+12 1d3+12 3/2 10’/20’/30’
Two-handed sword 6’ 10 +5 1d10+11 3d6+11 2 -
Longsword+2 3’ 5 +4 1d8+11 1d12+11 1 -
Bow - 6 -2 1d6 1d6 2 5’/10’/18’

Saving Throws:

Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic 11 (10)
Petrification & Polymorph 11 (10)
Rod, Staff & Wand 12 (11)
Breath Weapon 13 (12)
Spell 13 (12)

+1 on Saving Throws against Poisons

Thief Skills
Pick Pocket: 25% (35%)
Open Locks: 50% (60%)
Find/Remove Traps: 50% (60%)
Move Silently: 50% (60%)
Hide in Shadows: 75%
Hear Noise: 25%
Climb Walls: 80% (90%)
Read Languages: -10%

Racial abilities

  • Must adhere to the harshest armour restrictions out of the two classes (Assassin)
  • Infravision up to 60’

Chosen of Tempus

  • May incite a Battlerage in themselves and allies once per day. The Chosen can choose a number of targets up to their level, but they must be the first target chosen. This rage lasts a full 10 rounds, and grants +2 to all attack, damage, and saving throw rolls. If a recipient runs out of enemies to battle, they must either attack the nearest living creature in the area (even a friend), or suffer 5 hit points of damage for each round the rage continues. This is a conscious decision of the battlerager.
  • The Chosen can determine the workmanship, potential magical ability, and actual magical pluses (but not any other special or magical abilities) of any weapon they are proficient with just by handling it.
  • At 3rd level, may cast Create Food and Water once per day.
  • At 5th level, may cast Prayer once per day, with a casting time of 1 segment.
  • At 7th level, may cast Dispel Exhaustion once per day.


  • Gear Carried
Item Quantity Weight (lbs.)
+2 Dagger 2 4
Two-Handed Sword 1 15
Helmet 1 4.5
Chainmail Shirt 1 30
Leather Armour +1 1 8
Ring of Protection +1 1 -
Gloves of Thievery 1 -
Boots of Speed 1 -
Backpack 1 2
Thieves’ Tools 1 0.5
Rope ’50 1 6
Belt Pouch 1 1
Sack 1 1
Plate Shiv 1 -
Bottles (assorted) - -
Bow - -
Arrows 20 -
Longsword+2 1 -
Ornate Sword 1 -
Ornate Shield 1 -
Ornate Axe 2 -
  • Bag O’Bottles

Green – Weak Acting Instant Poison x3
Blue – Healing-er x 1
Red – Healing-ish x 4
White – Bravado x 1
One Class D Blade oil
Two debilitating blade oils
One long-acting Class E ingestive
One normal acting Class D ingestive

  • Gear Stored
Item Quantity Weight (lbs.)
Dagger 1 2
Leather Armour 1 15
Cloak 1 2.5
Dragon Cultist Disguise 1 2.5
Fine Clothes 1 2.5
Sack, Large 2 2
Gems 19 6.7
Red Gem 1
Rations 5 13
Hawk – Soar 1 -
Coins 407 40

Light Riding Horse

Money: 8cp, 11sp, 83el, 420gp worth of gems, 538gp, 7pl. Total: 7pl 1008gp 83el 11sp 8cp

Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Maximum Unencumbered Weight Limit (lbs.) Maximum Encumbered Weight Limit (lbs.)
165.2 450 520+


Weight/Bulk Movement Speed Reaction/Initiative Current Stage
0 – 450 / No Bulky Armour 120’ Normal YES
450 – 485 / Fairly Bulky Armour 90’ Normal, no bonuses from DEX
485 – 520 / Bulky Armour 60’ – subject can trot for small distances Is slowed as per the Slow spell
520+ / Carrying Substantial Bulk 30-40’ – no trotting possible Is slowed even further as per the Slow spell

Hawk – Soar

Armour Class 5
Movement Speed 10’/330’ (flying)
Hit Dice 1
Hit Points 7
THAC0 20
No. of Attacks 3
Damage per Attack 1d3/1d3/1d4
Intelligence Animal
Alignment TN
Size Small

Korkiri tends not to talk about her past or her childhood on the street of Neverwinter.



g_achievement.png I Shall Name You Yoshi
Get a mount
g_achievement.png Chaos Is A Ladder
Switch your alignment to Chaotic

Session 3

g_achievement.png A Wizard Is Never Late
Be the first to arrive for a session
g_achievement.png Does That Mean I Go First
Crit fail an Initiative roll
g_achievement.png Get On With It
Talk OC for more than 10 minutes

Session 4

g_achievement.png Life, Uh, Finds A Way
Survive an encounter with 5HP or less
g_achievement.png Not Today
Come back from 0HP
g_achievement.png Are You Not Entertained
Finish an encounter within 10 rounds
g_achievement.png Showoff
Finish off all enemies in an encounter by yourself

Session 5

o_achievement.png Sticky fingers
Steal more than 100gp
o_achievement.png The Other Half
Kill a dragon
o_achievement.png Flawless Victory
Don’t take damage in an encounter
o_achievement.png Safety First
Discover a trap before it discovers you

Session 6

o_achievement.png Butterfingers
Disarm an NPC

Session 7

o_achievement.png She Turned Me Into A Newt
Experience a transmutation

Session 8

o_achievement.png The Cardinal Sin
Split the party

Session 9

o_achievement.png That Ain’t Falco
Perform a combo with a fellow PC
o_achievement.png Nothing Is True
Kill an NPC without being seen of heard
o_achievement.png Clever Girl
Flank and kill an unsuspecting enemy
o_achievement.png Nuke It From Orbit
Deal 20 overkill damage to 1 enemy
o_achievement.png 20% Cooler
Get a better set of armour

Session 10

o_achievement.png Half The Title
Finish a Dungeon


o_achievement.png Breaker Of Chains
Free 20 captive people ……………………… 7/20
o_achievement.png Walking Guillotine
Decapitate 20 enemies ……………………… 10/20
o_achievement.png Finish Him
Deliver 10 coups de grace ……………………… 1/10

Korkiri "Brute" Brutar, Chosen of Tempus

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