Risdelle Wolfbar-DT character

Swore a loud and angry vow to smash magical items everywhere.


Barbarian – Level 2 – Barbarian
Human – F – Chaotic Good
XP: 11422 – XP to next level: 12100
10% XP Bonus?: N
Languages: Common, Tribal Tongue, 1 other (illiterate)

Ability Scores:

STR 18/38 Hit Mod +1 Dmg Mod +3 Wt All. +100lbs. OpDr 1-3 BendB 20%
INT 9 Lng +1
WIS 8 MntSav +0
DEX 18 ReactAdj +3 MsleMod +3 ACAdj -8
CON 18 HPAdj +8 SystmShck 99% Res 100% MaxNoRes. 18
CHA 9 MaxNoHM. 4 LoyalAdj +0% ReactAdj +0%
COM 11
HD 2d12+16 HP Max – 32 Current HP – 32
AC -1 Shieldless AC 0 Rear AC 8
Movement Rate 150’
THAC0 18

Weapon Proficiencies: Handaxe, Knife, Spear, Two-Handed Sword, Club, Shortbow, Javelin, Whip
Non-Proficiency Penalty: -1

Weapon Space Required Speed Factor Total To Hit Bonus Damage (S-M) Damage (L) No. of Attacks Range
Unarmed Attack - - 0 4 4 1 M
Handaxe 1’ 4 +1 1d6+3 1d4+3 1 M or 10’/20’/30’
Two-Handed Sword 6’ 10 +1 1d10+3 3d6+3 1 M
Club 3’ 4 +1 1d6+3 1d3+3 1 M
Knife 1’ 2 +1 1d3+3 1d2+3 1 M
Spear 1’ 8/6 +1 1d6+3 1d8+3 1 Up to 5’
Whip 8’ 5 +1 1d2+3 4 1 Up to 15’
Shortbow - - +3 1d6 1d6 2 50’/100’/150’
Javelin - - +1 1d6+3 1d4+3 1 20’/40’/60’

Saving Throws:

Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic 14 +4 vs Poison, +3 vs Paralyzation and Death Magic
Petrification & Polymorph 12
Rod, Staff & Wand 14
Breath Weapon 15
Spell 17

Class Skills

  • Double Dexterity Bonus to AC if not wearing bulky or fairly bulky armour.
  • Double Constitution Bonus to HP per HD,
  • Base movement speed is 150’ per round.
  • Gains an experience point bonus equal to possessing a magic item if you destroy one.
  • Primary Abilities:
    -Climb cliffs and trees: The barbarian can climb trees and natural cliffs (or ledges, mountains, etc.) as a thief of the same level would climb walls_. Barbarians may also climb walls of other kinds once they have had the opportunity to practice scaling that particular type of surface. (Chance of success: 86%)
    -_Hide in natural surroundings:
    Barbarians can hide in natural surroundings that are familiar to the barbarian as a thief of three levels higher would hide in shadows (chance of success: 41%). A barbarian can hide in natural surroundings as a thief of the same level would hide in shadows (chance of success: 25%).
    -Surprise: Barbarians surprise opponents on a 3 in 6 chance, or 4 in 6 if they are in familiar terrain. Barbarians are themselves surprised 10% of the time, or only 5% in familiar terrain.
    -Back Protection: Any attempt to attack a barbarian from behind, including such attacks by assassins and thieves, has a 5% chance per level of being detected and countered. That is, if a barbarian detects a back attack (a 5% chance at 1st level, 10% at 2nd, etc.) the barbarian avoids the attack form. The former back attack becomes a normal attack. The barbarian is also entitled to attack the former “back attacker”, even though the barbarian may already have engaged in what would otherwise have been his or her full normal combat for that round.
    -Leaping and Springing: Barbarians are able to leap up to a maximum distance of 10 feet forward, 3 feet backward, or 3 feet upward from a standing start. If the barbarian is able to move freely and get a running start, the forward leap can range from 15 + 1d6 feet, and the upward leap from 4 + (1d4 x 1/2ft) feet. Springing under similar conditions gives an upward distance of 3 + 1d4 feet, depending on the surface used as a step to gain height and spring.
    -Detect Illusion: Barbarians have a 5% chance per level of detecting that some sight, sound or other sensory phenomenon is actually an illusion/phantasm spell of some type. This detection takes one round of concentration on the illusion. Regardless of the barbarian’s level, the chance to so detect such spells may never exceed 75% (chance of success: 10%).
    -Detect Magic: Barbarians have a 25% chance of detecting any sort of magic other than the illusion/phantasm variety. This again takes one round of concentration, and applies to items or spells, but not to persons who are able to effect magic. For each level the barbarian gains beyond the 1st level, the barbarian gains an additional 5% to his or her base chance of detection. However, this chance may never exceed 90% regardless of the barbarian’s level of experience. The type of magic is never revealed by this ability (chance of success: 30%).
    -Leadership: When dealing with other barbarians, a barbarian adds his or her level of experience to his or her Charisma score to get an effective Charisma effect on other barbarians. Comeliness does not affect, nor is affected by, this ability. (Effective Charisma: 11).
  • Secondary Skills. These abilities are generally not usable (certainly not to their fullest potential) in areas which are unfamiliar to the barbarian, although the skills can be applied to a new locale with different flora, fauna, and climate, after about one month of continual exposure to the new area.
    -Survival: The barbarian has the necessary skills for survival in the wild, including hunting, small animal trapping, food gathering, shelter building, body covering, and fire building.
    -First Aid: This skill allows the barbarian to bind wounds, set sprains or broken bones, and concoct natural antidotes and natural cures for diseases. This means the barbarian immediately regains 1 hit point, and thereafter he or she regains hit points at twice the normal rate, regaining 2 hit points per day if resting, and 1 hit point per day even if active and adventuring. The barbarian can also bind wounds to prevent further loss in hit points of other characters. Such “first aid” restores 1 hit point immediately, and then increases hit-point recovery by 100% if the barbarian continues to administer aid and cures. When dealing with natural poison and illness, the barbarian has a 10% chance of effecting a cure. If the poison or disease is known, the chance of success rises to a percentage equal to 50 plus the victim’s constitution score.
    -Outdoor Craft: This skill includes plant and animal detection as a 3rd level druid, direction determination, and the ability to predict weather as if the spell of that name were cast by a 3rd-level druid.
    -Tracking: A barbarian’s tracking skill is equal to that of a ranger of the same level, but a barbarian may only track in the outdoors.
  • Tertiary skills. To be decided when origin of barbarian is discussed.
  • May associate freely with Clerics and Druids.


  • Begins play illiterate.
  • Detests magic and those who use it. Must refuse to employ any sort of magic item which they recognize to be magic.
  • Must view Magic-Users and Illusionists with suspicion.

On Self:

Item Quantity Total Weight (lbs.)
Leather Armour 1 15
Handaxe 2 10
Knife 1 0.6
Spear 1 5
Two-Handed Sword 1 25
Club 1 3
Shortbow 1 5
Arrows 40 8
Javelin 3 6
Whip 1 3

Money: 500gp

Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Maximum Unencumbered Weight Limit (lbs.) Maximum Encumbered Weight Limit (lbs.)
80.6 150 220+


Weight/Bulk Movement Speed Reaction/Initiative Current Stage
0 – 150 / No Bulky Armour 150’ Normal YES
150 – 185 / Fairly Bulky Armour 112’ Normal, no bonuses from DEX
185 – 220 / Bulky Armour 75’ – subject can trot for small distances Is slowed as per the Slow spell
220+ / Carrying Substantial Bulk 37-50’ – no trotting possible Is slowed even further as per the Slow spell

Risdelle Wolfbar-DT character

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