Blink Dog

Armour Class 5
Movement Speed 120’
Hit Dice 5
Hit Points 29/29
THAC0 15
No. of Attacks 1
Damage per Attack 1d6 bite
Size M

About Human Intelligence, can understand Common and Lawful Good.

Blink: Fido has the ability to use a limited short range teleport that seems to operate randomly when he is in combat. Each round of combat Fido will have a 50% chance to “Blink”. When blinking roll a d12 to determine where he will reappear:

Roll Flank
1 Front
2 Left
3 Right
4-12 Rear

A Blink Dog will never appear in a space already occupied, therefore having ones back against a wall will effectively protect from the blinking maneuver. When he reappears he may attack immediately, or flee in the momentary confusion they have caused, as long as he reappears on a different flank from the one he vanished from.

Improved Scent: Given a reference scent, Fido can track as a Ranger of equivalent Hit Dice, dependent on DM approval.

Scent of Evil: Fido can automatically detect a person’s alignment via scent. He is friendly to those of Lawful Good and Neutral Good alignments, while ambivalent to anyone Lawful Neutral. He is suspicious of anyone who is Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, and True Neutral. Anyone of Evil alignment Fido is instantly hostile against, and will seek to attack if not stopped.
Any effect which blocks or masks alignment (such as Nondetection) prevents Fido from detecting a scent. In this case, he will defer to being suspicious.

Hated Foe: If Fido catches the scent of a Displacer Beast, he will begin to hunt the creature.



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