Johnathon, Squire of Sir Tristan Eltorchul


Paladin – Level 5 –
Human – M – Lawful Good
XP: – XP to next level:
10% XP Bonus?: N
Religion: Torm
Languages: Common, Neutral Good, Goblish, Orcish, Dwarvish

Ability Scores:

STR 16/10 Hit Mod +0 Dmg Mod +1 Wt All. 70lbs. OpDr 1-3 BendB 10%
INT 16 Lng +5
WIS 13 MntSav +0
DEX 17/00 ReactAdj +2 MsleMod +2 ACAdj -3
CON 16/21 HPAdj +2 SystmShck 95% Res 96% MaxNoRes. 15
CHA 17/84 MaxNoHM. 10 LoyalAdj +30% ReactAdj +30%
COM 16
HD 3d4+11+4d10 HP 46/46
AC 1 Shieldless AC 2 Rear AC 6
Movement Rate 90’
THAC0 15

Weapon Proficiencies: Lance, Longsword, Shortsword
Non-Proficiency Penalty: -2

Weapon Space Required Speed Factor Total To Hit Bonus Damage (S-M) Damage (L) No. of Attacks Range Notes
Shortsword 1’ 3 +0 d6+1 d8+1 1 - -
Longsword 3’ 5 +1 d8+1 d12+1 1 3/2 -
Light Lance 1’ 6 0/+1 on horseback 1d6+1 1d8+1 1 - +5 damage on horseback
Horseman’s Mace +1 3/2 -

Saving Throws:

Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic 9
Petrification & Polymorph 10
Rod, Staff & Wand 11
Breath Weapon 11
Spell 12

Class Skills

  • Detect Evil up to 60’ distance at will
  • +2 to all saving throws (not included above)
  • Immunity to all forms of disease
  • Lay on Hands – may be used once per day, to heal 2 hp per level of Paladin.
  • Cure Disease once a week
  • 5’ aura of Protection from Evil
  • 5’ aura of Protection from Fear
  • Immunity to Fear
  • +1 to hit with the lance, if used while mounted
  • Attacks 3/2 times a round with a lance on horseback
  • +1 damage with lance on foot, +2 damage with lance while mounted
  • Weapon of Choice ( Lvl 3 – Longsword) – +1 to hit with Longswords.
  • Parry: May use action to reduce a singe opponent’s “to hit” roll by the total of the weapon’s attack bonus, the bonus granted by high Strength, and the bonus from Weapon of Choice.
  • 87% unlikely to be thrown from the saddle, 87% unlikely to be injured if mount falls
  • May estimate from eye the worth of a horse.
  • Any steed selected by the Paladin gains +2 hp per Hit Dice
    (3rd level) The Paladin can vault into the saddle with bulky armor and have the steed underway in a single segment.
  • At 3rd level, the paladin gains the power to affect undead, devils and demons as if he or she were a 1st level cleric, and this power goes upwards with each level of experience the paladin gains; so at 4th level the effect is that of a 2nd level cleric, at 5th it is that of a 3rd level cleric, etc.
  • After gaining a level, rolls 2d10 and adds the result to the percentile after STR, DEX, CON and CHA. If these reach 100, the excess amount rolls over, and the ability score increases by 1.
  • 90% chance of ignoring mind effects.


  • Must embody the Knightly Virtues of Faerûn (though may act in an order most to least important to them):
    - Liberality
    - Honour
    - Good Faith
    - Glory
    - Courtesy
    - Unselfishness
    - Bravery
    - Pride in one’s actions
    - Humility in one’s actions
  • Must follow the Chivalric code of Faerûn:
    - Noble Service cheerfully rendered
    - Defense of any charge unto death
    - Courage and Enterprise in obedience to rules and one’s superiors
    - Respect for all peers and equals
    - Honour to those above one’s station
    - Earning respect and obedience from those below one’s station through one’s actions
    - Military prowess in service to one’s lord
    - Courtesy to ladies for male Cavaliers
    - Courtesy to lords and honourable men for female Cavaliers
    - Battle is the test of honour and glory
    - Personal glory in battle
    - Death before dishonour
    (Failure to sustain the code is not sufficient enough reason to revoke knighthood, unless the order or liege lord of the Cavalier specifically demands such. In that case, the Cavalier becomes a mere Fighter, but cannot benefit from Weapon Specialization, but retains Weapon of Choice).
  • A Cavalier who retreats from battle, even to save fellow party members, receives half experience for the monsters slain.
  • Cavaliers charge any clear enemy in sight, with the following order of preference:
    1. Powerful monsters (dragons, demons, giants, etc.) serving enemy leaders, then the leaders themselves.
    2. Opponent Cavaliers of great renown, enemy flags and standards.
    3. Opponent cavalry of noble or elite status.
    4. Other opponent cavalry.
    5. Opponent elite footmen.
    6. Opponent camp and headquarters.
    7. Opponent melee troops.
    8. Levies or peasants.

On Self:

Item Quantity Weight (lbs.)
Chainmail 1 30
Longsword 1 6
Light Lance 1 5
Wooden Shield 1 4
Shortsword 1 3.5
Backpack 1 2
Cloak 1 2.5
Coins 157 15.7

Money: 10pp, 50gp, 97ep
(7gp tithes, xp awarded for the 66gp)

Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Maximum Unencumbered Weight Limit (lbs.) Maximum Encumbered Weight Limit (lbs.)
50 70 170

On Light Riding Horse

Item Quantity Weight (lbs.)
Saddle 1 25
Bridle and Harness 1 0.1
Large Saddlebag 1 [lb]
Water Skin 2 [lb]
Saddle Blanket 1 [lb]
Feed Bag w/7 days’ grain 1 [lb]
Standard rations 1 [lb]
Tinder 1 [lb]
50’ rope 1 [lb]
Coins 33 3.3

434gp, 10 sp, (41 gp tithes)

Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Maximum Unencumbered Weight Limit (lbs.) Maximum Encumbered Weight Limit (lbs.)
X 5000 7500

Light Riding Horse Stats

Armour Class 7
Movement Speed 240’
Hit Dice 2d8+4
Hit Points 13
THAC0 16
No. of Attacks 2
Damage per Attack 1d4 hoof
Size L

Johnathon, Squire of Sir Tristan Eltorchul

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