Sir Cael Silvershield, the Silver Ram

Large, strong and brash cavalier, a nightmare on a horse


Cavalier – Level 5 – Knight-Bachelor
Human – M – Chaotic Good
XP: 20424 – XP to next level: 37,000
10% XP Bonus?: N
Religion: Tymora
Languages: Common, Chaotic Good, Goblish, Orcish, Dwarvish

Ability Scores:

STR 18/58 Hit Mod +2 Dmg Mod +3 Wt All. +160lbs. OpDr 1-4 BendB 25%
INT 12 Lng +3
WIS 10 MntSav +0
DEX 16/84 ReactAdj +1 MsleMod +1 ACAdj -2
CON 15/87 HPAdj +1 SystmShck 91% Res 94% MaxNoRes. 15
CHA 9 MaxNoHM. 4 LoyalAdj +0% ReactAdj +0%
COM 13
HD 4d10+9 HP 44
AC 0 Shieldless AC 1 Rear AC 7
Movement Rate 60’
THAC0 16

Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword, Lance, Horseman’s Mace
Non-Proficiency Penalty: -2

Weapon Space Required Speed Factor Total To Hit Bonus Damage (S-M) Damage (L) No. of Attacks Range
Kharma 3’ 5 +4 d8+4 d12+4 3/2 -
Longsword 3’ 5 +3 d8+3 d12+3 3/2 -
Heavy Lance Lance 1’ 6 +3 2d4+4 3d6+3 3/2 -
Horseman’s Mace 2’ 6 +2 d6+3 d4+3 1 -
Dagger 1’ 2 0 d4+3 d3+3 1 10’/20’/30’

Saving Throws:

Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic 11
Petrification & Polymorph 12
Rod, Staff & Wand 13
Breath Weapon 13
Spell 14

Class Skills

  • +1 to hit with the lance, if used while mounted.
  • +1 to damage with lance on foot, +4 to damage with lance while mounted
  • Parry: May use action to reduce a singe opponent’s “to hit” roll by the total of the weapon’s attack bonus, the bonus granted by high Strength, and the bonus from Weapon of Choice.
  • Makes 3/2 attacks a round with a lance on horseback.
  • Can estimate the worth of a mount by eye-sight; any steed selected by the Cavalier gains +2 hp per Hit Dice.
  • After gaining a level, rolls 2d10 and adds the result to the percentile after STR, DEX and CON. If these reach 100, the excess amount rolls over, and the ability score increases by 1.
  • Immune to Fear.
  • Has a 5’ aura of Protection from Fear.
  • 90% chance of ignoring mind effects.
  • May function at up to -9 hp – cannot attack, but remains conscious.
  • 87% unlikely to be thrown from the saddle, 86% unlikely to be injured if mount falls.


  • Must embody the Knightly Virtues of Faerûn (though may act in an order most to least important to them):
    - Pride in one’s actions
    - Glory
    - Bravery
    - Honour
    - Unselfishness
    - Courtesy
    - Good Faith
    - Liberality
    - Humility in one’s actions
  • Must follow the Chivalric code of Faerûn:
    - Noble Service cheerfully rendered
    - Defense of any charge unto death
    - Courage and Enterprise in obedience to rules and one’s superiors
    - Respect for all peers and equals
    - Honour to those above one’s station
    - Earning respect and obedience from those below one’s station through one’s actions
    - Military prowess in service to one’s lord
    - Courtesy to ladies for male Cavaliers
    - Courtesy to lords and honourable men for female Cavaliers
    - Battle is the test of honour and glory
    - Personal glory in battle
    - Death before dishonour
    (Failure to sustain the code is not sufficient enough reason to revoke knighthood, unless the order or liege lord of the Cavalier specifically demands such. In that case, the Cavalier becomes a mere Fighter, but cannot benefit from Weapon Specialization, but retains Weapon of Choice).
  • A Cavalier who retreats from battle, even to save fellow party members, receives half experience for the monsters slain.
  • Cavaliers charge any clear enemy in sight, with the following order of preference:
    1. Powerful monsters (dragons, demons, giants, etc.) serving enemy leaders, then the leaders themselves.
    2. Opponent Cavaliers of great renown, enemy flags and standards.
    3. Opponent cavalry of noble or elite status.
    4. Other opponent cavalry.
    5. Opponent elite footmen.
    6. Opponent camp and headquarters.
    7. Opponent melee troops.
    8. Levies or peasants.

On Self:

Item Quantity Weight (lbs.)
Silvered Bronze Plate 1 45
Longsword 1 6
Light Lance 1 5
Silver Medium Shield 1 7
Horseman’s Mace 1 4
Backpack 1 2
Rich Meal 1 2
Dagger 1 1
Large Belt Pouch 1 1
Holy Symbol of Tymora 1 0.5
Cloak 1 2.5
Leather Case, Paper, Writing Equipment 1 3
Coins 15 1.4

Money: 4350g

Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Maximum Unencumbered Weight Limit (lbs.) Maximum Encumbered Weight Limit (lbs.)
81.4 135 205+


Weight/Bulk Movement Speed Reaction/Initiative Current Stage
0 – 135 / No Bulky Armour 120’ Normal
135 – 170 / Fairly Bulky Armour 90’ Normal, no bonuses from DEX
170 – 205 / Bulky Armour 60’ – subject can trot for small distances Is slowed as per the Slow spell YES
205+ / Carrying Substantial Bulk 30-40’ – no trotting possible Is slowed even further as per the Slow spell

On Light Warhorse

Item Quantity Weight (lbs.)
Saddle 1 25
Bridle and Harness 1 0.1
Large Saddlebag 1 [lb]
Water Skin 2 [lb]
Saddle Blanket 1 [lb]
Feed Bag w/7 days’ grain 1 [lb]
Standard rations 1 [lb]
Tinder 1 [lb]
50’ rope 1 [lb]
Clove of Garlic 1 [lb]
Wax Candle 2 [lb]
Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Maximum Unencumbered Weight Limit (lbs.) Maximum Encumbered Weight Limit (lbs.)
25.1 3000 5000

Light Warhorse Stats

Armour Class 7
Movement Speed 240’
Hit Dice 2d8+4
Hit Points 14
THAC0 16
No. of Attacks 2
Damage per Attack 1d4 hoof
Size L

Coat of Arms


Cael is the son of the younger brother of Grand Duke Entar Silvershield – unlike his uncle, his father is a merchant who dislikes the blood and sweat of combat. Cael, a man whose unlikely physical power pushed him into training to become a soldier early in his life, resents his father for what he believes to be cowardice. His mother was a frail woman who succumbed to illness when he was young.

Though left-handed, Cael has trained in jousting in tournaments with his right arm – he gained no small amount of reputation in Baldur’s Gate by exploiting this. More recently, his success in the Waterdeep Shieldmeet jousting has given him the nickname of the Silver Ram, as in all but the last two rounds he unhorsed and knocked out his opponent with the first blow. He also earned the enmity of Marketh Azoun, as he took him down in the finals to win, and the unlikely friendship of a Paladin, Tristan Eltorchul – though Cael was the clear superior on a horse, he had a great deal of respect for someone who embodied knightly virtues as Tristan can.

Cael is loud, brash, arrogant and cocky – but what many people learn is that he can bite as loud as his bark and those who show respect to him quickly earn his.

Sir Cael Silvershield, the Silver Ram

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