Downtime Characters and Downtime Actions

Characters may perform Downtime Actions when they are away from the action of the main party. Send the DM what you would like to do, and the DM will respond with how long the action will take in game. Depending on the action, choices and/or combat may need to be performed, in which case the DM will get into contact with the player to arrange this.

Only one downtime may be performed by a character at any one time. A player can cancel a downtime at any point to start a new one – depending on the action, either the progress of the previous downtime will be halted or lost (this will be made clear).

Each player may have two characters – one active character which is played during sessions, and one downtime character with which the player may perform downtimes with. Downtime characters are always kept at the same xp value as active characters (however, they do not gain the 10% xp boost if your main character has one, unless they also qualify for one). A player may elect at any point that it makes sense in the story to switch their active and downtime characters – if this should interrupt a downtime action, the player will be made aware if the progress will be halted or lost.

Please note that downtime characters are no safer than active characters, except for the fact that they tend to be in combat less. If a downtime action puts a downtime character at risk, then it is possible that that character could be harmed or killed by the action.

The downtime form can be found here:

Downtime Characters and Downtime Actions

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