The Troubled, and the Secret Hoard

Session 10: Undermountain - Part 1

Dungeon Crawling

4th of Mirtul, 1357 DR – Era of Humanity

After travelling to Waterdeep, and running into some trouble with local slavers, the party ended up trapped in the hideout of the Hands. With the assistance of Cael, Kaylee, Johnathon and Skie, the party were freed (well, except for Brute, who had at that point already freed herself). They then proceeded to kick ass, and capture the Magic-User who caused them so much trouble.

Upon heading up a flight of stairs, a group of Dwarves who were excavating the area told the party of their location – the second level of the labyrinth complex that runs deep underneath Waterdeep: Undermountain. After a brief exchange, the Dwarves informed the party of the route they took to get there, and the party set off, eager to see daylight once more.

A series of passages and chambers led to a curious room with goblin corpses, a shrieking pile of mushrooms, goblins, and a lot of coinage. Devious traps were discovered – mainly by setting them all off. A mysterious shrine to Mielikki saw all of Riza’s wounds healed.

With the discovery of stairs, the party moves at least some manner upwards. But now, as they approach their goal, they are left unguided. How long will it take them to find their way out of this maze?

Time Elapsed exploring the dungeon: 248 minutes


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