The Troubled, and the Secret Hoard

Session 3: The Illusion of Safety

A chase across the southern length of the Sword Coast

19th-21st of Ches

With the victory at Beregost, the travel back to Baldur’s Gate seems like child’s play. The travel is still long, but very quiet, and by the evening of the 21st, the group arrives at the Friendly Arm Inn once more. Booking rooms, the party sets down for a night of relaxation and drinking, except Irerly, who decides to pay a visit to the Temple of Wisdom.

Finding the Gnome Cleric asleep, Irerly wakes him up and has a quick chat, though the Gnome is rather reluctant to show off any new illusions, having used most of his spells for the day. Soon enough, Irerly decides to leave, though finds his exit from the temple blocked by a hulking hooded figure. After attempting conversation, Irerly finds himself being attacked by the figure, and disappears as soon as possible.

The figure leaves the temple, and Irerly goes to wake up the cleric again. The Cleric proves to be no help, and so Irerly eventually leaves after he’s decided enough time has passed for the figure to have left. He manages to get about halfway to the Inn before the figure reappears and attacks again. After a failed illusion, the battle is quickly over – it takes but one solid blow for the figure to knock Irerly out. Placing Irerly into a sack, the figure places the sack on the back of their horse, and rides off north.

After an hour, the party starts to get worried, and heads over to the temple. On the way, Riza notices the signs of a recent skirmish on the ground between two people – one almost clearly identifiable as Irerly, and the other as a much larger figure, most likely a Half-Orc. As worry begins to mount, they immediately mount up, and decide to set out for the night.

22nd of Ches

Hours pass, and Riza begins to lose the trail. As daylight begins to break, Tristan and Cael argue that they cannot currently ride on, and must return to the inn to reclaim their gear. Riza argues against this and resolves to carry on, accompanied by Calani (at the very least so that she is not left alone). As such, Cael gives Riza custody of his warhorse, Shimmer.

Riding off, Riza carries on attempting to ride flat out in any hope of spotting her brother’s captor. Unfortunately, her ride only leaves her and the Cleric fatigued, and instead runs into a large group of riders on the road. Highwaymen approach the pair, demanding their money. Seeing this as an unwinable battle, the pair ride off back the way they came, dodging all bar one arrow shot, which lands in the flank of Shimmer. Fleeing off the road, the pair disappear into an off-road wood. Eventually (and after being healed), Shimmer slows down and finally collapses on the floor, exhausted. In frustration, Riza finally decides that this is time to get some rest, marks the trees towards the road with a symbol, and sets up camp.

Meanwhile, Irerly finds himself waking up on the back of a horse. Eventually, his sack is taken off the back of the horse, and he is fed by his captor, which appears to be a Half-Orc. The two converse as camp is set up to sleep through the day, and overall he is well looked-after considering the situation. His captor reveals that she had been hired by members of Irerly’s family, to see him returned home…

After spending a few hours of rest, the Cavalier and Paladin set off to chase after the Ranger and Fighter/Magic-User/Cleric with all of their gear available to them. Fortunately, it appears the Highwaymen that the first pair encountered have already passed or disappeared elsewhere, and thus Cael and Tristan are able to travel without trouble. With several hours of riding, they discover the symbol upon the trees beside the road, and head into the woods to seek out their companions.

Together, the four ride north, heading further towards Baldur’s Gate. Night begins to fall as the city appears on the horizon. Riding exhausted horses, and all suffering from some length of sleep deprivation, the group settles down for the night.

With the other pair, the Half-Orc sets up camp a little distance away from Baldur’s Gate, out of sight from any roads. She knocks Irerly out, and decides to head off into the city to stock up on supplies. To hide her appearance, she disguises herself as a harmless human, and strides off towards the gates…

23rd of Ches

The main party set off early in the morning, and start to ride around the city of Baldur’s Gate, deciding that the kidnapper wouldn’t attempt to go through the city itself. They come across the Half-Orc’s camp, which appears to have only been left a few hours ago, and Riza is able to pick the trail back up. With a new lead, the group rides off as fast as possible.

A few miles north of the city, the group spots a lone human rider with a sack on the back of their horse. With sheer desperation, the group attempts to ride down this mysterious rider. Seeing this strange group of mixed riders visibly chasing after her, she begins to flee.

Eventually, the party is able to move close, and demands her to stop. After she refuses, Cael rides close and throws a dagger at the rider. It misses her, but slashes across the side the sack, and out rolls the cut and injured Irerly. Riza rides to try and grab the dying Illusionist, but so does the kidnapper, who immediately turns around to try and grab him. An argument ensues (with Calani heading up to stop Irerly from dying), which ends abruptly when Kaylee, under Tristan’s orders, puts the kidnapper (nicknamed “Brute” by Cael) to sleep.

They immediately set about tying up Brute, and head back to the city. A few minutes from the gates, Brute awakens, and easily snaps through the bonds that hold her. More arguing ensues, but with some of the party deciding that having Brute around may be helpful to follow this lead into Neverwinter, Brute is allowed to accompany them.

Tristan and Kaylee immediately return home to get some sleep. The rest take Irerly to the shrine of Ilmater in the city, to allow him to recover. They remain with him, but the strain of their forced ride to the city takes its’ toll, and all bar Brute fall asleep in the room.


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