Baldur's Gate


The city of Baldur’s Gate is located 50 miles up the Chionthar River from where that flow enters the Trackless Sea, at the southern reaches of The Sword Coast. It is situated on the northern shore of the river, astride the Trade Way from Amn to Waterdeep. Baldur’s Gate consists of a “lower city” outside the stone walls, and an “upper city” within those walls.

From the notes of the sage Elminster: "This important independent city is known as one of the most tolerant but quietly well-policed places in the western Realms, and is home to many adventurers and entrepreneurs as a result. It is ruled by the “Four Grand Dukes”, though the title of “Duke” is an honorific taken upon ascending to the Council, and is given even if the candidate is female or of a race that uses other titles.

“The city was originally completely walled, with gates to the North for the Trade Way, and to the south leading to the docks. With the expansion of trade and the founding of Amn, trade has become very profitable in the relaxed climate of Baldur’s Gate, and the city has grown as a result. The city has now burst its original bounds and is divided into an “upper” and “lower” city. The “upper” city is both older and of a more permanent nature and it is here that the nobles, the rising merchants, and newly-wealthy adventuring companies rub shoulders."

The present Grand Dukes of Baldur’s Gate are:

  1. Entar Silvershield, a highly accomplished Cavalier Commander. Rumour has it that the Silvershield legacy was built upon a family of Werewolf hunters, and it was Entar who slew the last bearers of Lycanthropy in the area.
  2. Lila Jannath, a Mage known for creating many potent magic items to aid the town watch.
  3. Lord Belt, an ex-adventurer and highly skilled Fighter.
  4. Lord Eltan, commander of the Flaming Fist mercenary company. The Flaming Fist, who police the city fairly. The Flaming Fist are said to be one of the most powerful mercenary companies in the Realms, numbering a small army at full force.


Taverns and Inns:

  • Blade and Stars
    A quiet inn known for its high quality foodstuffs.
  • Blushing Mermaid
    Located in the north-eastern section of Baldur’s Gate, the Blushing Mermaid was an establishment known for its status as a hub of illicit business.
  • Elfsong Tavern
    A tavern in the southeast near the eastern gate known best for its strange haunting, a ghostly elven voice of unidentified origin that could be heard singing quietly at night.
  • Helm and Cloak
    An expensive but well-rated feasting hall popular with both locals and travelers alike.
  • Low Lantern Tavern
    A small humble tavern located on a ship in the docks.
  • Purple Wyrm Inn and Tavern
    A tavern much compared to the Elfsong, but it was more commonly used by merchants and those seeking adventure.
  • Splurging Sturgeon
    Located a bit south from the Blushing Mermaid, the Splurging Sturgeon was a small but well-known establishment.
  • Three Old Kegs
    Highly comfortable but only slightly expensive, the Three Old Kegs was perhaps the most highly rated establishment in Baldur’s Gate.

Places of Worship
(These are the most well-known temples and shrines. Plenty of other shrines exist throughout the city)

  • High Hall of Wonders
    Temple of Gond
  • Water Queen’s House
    Temple of Umberlee
  • Lady’s Hall
    Temple of Tymora
  • The Watchful Shield
    Temple of Helm
  • The Unrolling Scroll
    Temple of Oghma
  • The Rose Portal
    Shrine of Lathander
  • Shrine of the Suffering
    Shrine of Ilmater

Other places of note

  • The Duchal Palace
    Palace of the Grand Dukes, which acts both as a home and place of work for the leaders of Baldur’s Gate.
  • Seatower of Balduran
    A defensive structure on an island in the harbour, built by Balduran himself.
  • The Black Dragon Gate
    An entrance to the city which has stood since the founding of the city, built by Balduran. Apart from reinforcements and renovation, the gate has stood for around 1000 years.
  • Harbourmaster
    A shack near the piers where the harbourmaster resides.

Baldur's Gate

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