Character Generation

All characters start at 1st level. You’ll be allowed to roll your Hit Dice with the usual re-roll rules of a cumulative -1 penalty for each re-roll (yep, no maximum first hit dice =P ).

You can play any class from the Players Handbook and Unearthed Arcana, however race restrictions will be in play. This means that only certain races can play certain classes. This will be listed below.

Stats will be rolled by 4d6, and drop the lowest, in order (STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA). A few classes have stat requirements, and if any of your stats don’t meet these requirements, then they’ll be bumped up to the required amounts. After this, you may shift points in stats (so, if you’re playing a Magic-User, and rolled high STR, you can lower your STR score to increase your other ability scores). Bare in mind as well that races also have stat restrictions, which will also either bump your stats if they’re too low, or cap your stats if they’re too high (Half-Orcs can only have a maximum CHA of 12, for instance).

No, I am not playing with gender restrictions to ability scores.

Race level restrictions will also be in play, so if you’re playing a non-human race, it is always a good idea to multiclass instead of playing a single class. Basically you play multiple classes simultaneously, and the xp you gain is divided between them equally. Humans cannot multiclass; instead, they dual-class, which effectively means you stop advancing in one class, keep all the benefits, and start a new class. I won’t be as harsh on the restrictions on dual classing as the books, however (because the rules are rather harsh indeed).

Class – Alignment Restrictions – Race Restrictions (Level Limit)
Cavalier – Any Good – Some Elves (U), Half-Elf (U), Human (U)
Paladin – Lawful Good – Human (U)
Cleric – Any Alignment, tends to be Deity’s alignment – Dwarf (8-11), Gnome (7-10), Elf (7-10), Half-Elf (5-8), Halfling (4-6), Half-Orc (4-7), Human (U)
Druid – True Neutral Only – Elf (23), Half-Elf (23), Halfling (6-11), Human (23)
Fighter – Any Alignment – Dwarf (6-10), Gnome (5-8), Elf (5-10), Half-Elf (6-10), Halfling (4-9), Half-Orc (10-12), Human (U)
Barbarian – Any non-Lawful – Human (U)
Ranger – Any Good – Elf (6-10), Half-Elf (6-11), Human (U)
Magic-User – Any Alignment – Elf (9-12), Half-Elf (7-8), Human (U)
Illusionist – Any Alignment – Gnome (6-7), Human (U)
Thief – Any non-Good – Dwarf (U), Gnome (U), Elf (U), Half-Elf (U), Halfling (U), Half-Orc (8-11), Human (U)
Acrobat – Any non-Good – same as Thief
Assassin – Any Evil – Dwarf (9-12), Gnome (8-10), Elf (10-12), Half-Elf (11), Half-Orc (15), Human (15)
Monk – Any Lawful – Human (17)

(Bold indicates the main class, and non-bold beneath indicates a sub-class variation on the main class. U indicated unlimited for level limits – if a Human has a level limit on a class, then it indicates that the level itself is limited to that level. Don’t worry too much about race level restrictions – we shouldn’t need them unless the campaign goes on for a significantly long time).

Cleric/Fighter – Half-Elf, Half-Orc
Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User – Half-Elf
Cleric/Ranger – Half-Elf
Cleric/Magic-User – Half-Elf
Cleric/Thief – Half-Orc
Cleric/Assassin – Half-Orc
Fighter/Magic-User – Elf, Half-Elf
Fighter/Illusionist – Gnome
Fighter/Thief – Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc
Fighter/Assassin – Half-Orc
Fighter/Magic-User/Thief – Elf, Half-Elf
Magic-User/Thief – Elf, Half-Elf
Illusionist/Thief – Gnome

Magic-Users and Illusionists will get a number of spells at 1st level dependant on their Intelligence. I’ll let those characters pick those spells, instead of rolling randomly.

As I’ll be running using 1st Edition, I’ll be running much earlier than current day Forgotten Realms – 1357 DR, to be exact (modern day Realms is set in the year 1479 DR). Also, I may not be sticking to established canon, if you’ve read any of the books or played any of the games.

I’ll be working with you all to establish backstories for the game – who are you, who are your family, who do you know, why are you in Baldur’s Gate, etc.

Levelling up and Spells per day will run off this revision (makes xp progression a little smoother, and bumps out some of the quirks in spell lists):

After you’ve selected your INT, WIS and CHA scores, note any which are above 16. For each point of INT above 16, gain a 2.5% chance. For each point of WIS above 16, gain 1.5%, and for each point of CHA above 16, gain 0.5%. Add this chance together to get your total chance of being Psionic.

Roll d%. If you roll anywhere between 01 and your total Psionic chance, your character is Psionic. Speak to the DM about what this means,

Character Generation

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