Houserules and Clarifications

Levelling up and Spells per day will run off this revision (makes xp progression a little smoother, and bumps out some of the quirks in spell lists):

Psionics shall be run using the rules found here:

Non-magical Healing: 1 HP for a nights rest, or 1d4 for a full 24 hours. Every point of damage below 0 HP takes a week to heal naturally (as you’re looking at serious injuries).

The DM shall be using revised “To Hit” tables (for ease, these will be hidden from the players, just so as not to confuse people with tables. I assure you they’re to the advantage of the players, however!)

Characters always confirm Critical Hits, which are incurred when a natural 20 is rolled on an attack roll. A Critical Hit means that the damage roll and any bonuses are doubled, so an attack roll of 1d6+1 deals 2d6+2 damage on a Critical Hit. NPCs and Monsters must roll to confirm Critical Hits – they roll a second attack roll, with the same bonuses, and if they would hit the opponent’s AC, they do a Critical Hit. This is to balance out the amount of Critical Hits the player characters will face compared to any one monster/NPC.

Save or Death effects will deal HP damage, and either Ability damage or Ability drain on a failed save instead of instant death – DM’s choice. This still deals serious damage to a character, and runs the risk of killing them if a poison isn’t dealt with quickly.

The Illusionist Spell List goes up to 9th level, with the addition of spells from Theorems and Thaumaturgy:—Thaumaturgy . However, the Illusionist maintains the Illusionist XP track using the above numbers, rather than switching to the Magic-User XP track.

XP from gold will be based upon how much is in the share given to each player once it is divided up. The full XP value of monsters will be awarded to each player after combat.

Magic-Users and Illusionists may prepare 4 cantrips per day in addition to their regular spells per day, Once cast, these are lost, like regular spells.

The Bard class is available for play, using the revised version of the class outlined in Dragon #56:

Players have the choice of running the Monk class as written in the PHB, or the revised version as written in Dragon #53:

Houserules and Clarifications

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